Life is monotonous with no passion

I am able to bet upon this that should you not have any passions or every other matter that entirely rules your head or keeps you infatuated or preoccupied then you're not living a fuller life which you should be living. But I have to admit that there are many who lead only average life and they just let their head rules over one's heart in order to be obsessed with anything. Allow me to inquire these simple questions to all those that differ. If you're simply gliding through life, shoving from one pointless quest to another, never having any motive to leap out of bed, no one to sleep in for after than you should with, and nothing that gets your hair standing up on end, I consider such life a distress. I 'm entirely obsessed and occupied with several things. I'm not positive about everyone else but I do not like to hide my love for something. I think at the ending of this post additionally you will find out what your passion is. 

Not each individual is trained to look both ways of the street before they cross. Such eye-opening encounter is what I learned when I was walking down the streets of Paris. I had the opportunity to discover a lot of kids crossing the roads of Paris without even caring about the surroundings around them. Miraculously, they made it to the other side without episode every single time. I once stopped and requested a group of them as to why they never bother to look both ways before they crossed only to receive blank stares and giggling. This was a great culture shock for me as it'd for most travelers and I have been experiencing distinct types of experiences every time I land in distinct parts of the world for my visits. Most of these experiences support me to travel and comprehend more about the distinct areas and cultures of the world. Actually when you step out of your house you may not know exactly what you'll strike at the next turn. This really is authentic particularly when you're travelling to distinct regions of the world since you've got to rely wholly on new cultures, traditions, and behavioral patterns as well as deal with a totally new language which you may not really know and comprehend. 

Many folks consider photography as a hobby because it allows you to get hold of pictures or special memories or various other matters that gets your attention at a particular moment. But I'd like to see it otherwise. I look at photography as a time machine that's capable to provide you with a lifelong experience or glimpse of the past minutes that most of the times cannot be brought back or experienced except in your minds or in your thoughts. One of the primary reasons why I'm so ardent about photography is the way it can get and reproduce every emotions and feelings together with the intricacies like the sound and odor of that unique image which was clicked. It also empowers you to share the instant with those who were not present at that time, though a part of it'll constantly stay a puzzle. Therefore, it's no wonder how some photos are able to make a mark on your head, eventhough you're capable to take just several peek of them before they are taken from you forever. 

Whether you recognize it, passion is something which cannot be absent from any individual. Obsession is what some folks refer to it and gift is what others refer to it as. What you refer to it as isn't significant to me but what is more important is whether you have discovered them. It is only when you have reached your heaviest fire you will be competent to look at yourself from new viewpoint and only afterward, life will be filled with this much energy and excitement. You will appreciate every minute of your life and live every second satisfactorily when you comprehend your fires.