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Year in review: 2014's Most Significant News Events

From Ebola epidemic to the plane that is missing. Much like with any other year, 2014 has had some happenings that are more vital than other occasions. According to my gathering, below are some occasions that trembled the world and events that can make the year 2014 unforgettable. I'm unsure if I have touched on all them but at least these will be the events that are most remembered. It's possible for you to feel free to leave a comment and mention some events which you think deserve to be in this list. 

After the departure of Osama bin Laden, the world thought the root of extremism has been de-escalated. The unexpected development of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) found the world by surprise. Most folks were captured without guard together with the US military acknowledging to underestimating how powerful extremism movements have become. One of the strategies of ISIL was using the social media power to spread its marketing and among social being the video that displayed brutal decapitation of abducted foreigners. Late in 2014, US found substantial ground offensive in an effort to place a stop to the ISIL movement and summoned the world. 

Winter 2014 has also been recorded as the coldest winter in a number of cities in USA. Many cities including Philadelphia, New York and Chicago recorded in history. I'm not a weather specialist but I'd suppose that that is one of the effects of global warming. While 2014 will be remembered as one of the chilliest years, experts forecast that such trend may continue for few years to come. I'm unsure if this will be enough to convince the politicians and something ought to be done. I certainly expect they accept this as a truth of truth and certainly will come to their sanity. I also hope that all mankind could join hands so that our planet might be saved, in doing something. 

Not all of us can remember the amount of petroleum at the time when the global monetary crisis started in 2008. It was in the regions of $60 per barrel. The following years found oil cost creeping to $130 per barrel's greatest stage, drastically to the pain of many families owners who found their utility gas statement doubling. Then ultimately the petroleum collapse came to happen in 2014, dropping back to its price levels before 2008. Then all along I kept believing that the reduced petroleum costs will be an excellent thing for typical men like me, only to be puzzled on reading that such a low oil cost is rather a bad thing for the world market. At the conclusion of 2014, gas prices in many cities in the US had come down from its peak of $5 to less than $2. That's the reason this year appears like the one that US auto-owners will be remember the most for quite a while to come. 

There are still many occasions that occurred in the year 2014 and have yet to be covered in my list. However, the world will likely be so boring if all of us see things the same way. You might have that will, to a sizable extent, determines which events are somewhat more important to you and your own interests. 



The intriguing process of coffee maker purchasing

If there is something that unites different cultures and cuisines together, it'll be coffee. Today, Coffee remains the world's most loved drink. This discovery might be a surprise to some as there have been numerous type of health study that highlighted the negative toll that coffee consumption has on our health. Once we should grab a cup of freshly brewed coffee, most of us will visit popular establsihments like Starbucks. But, it turns out that most coffee drinkers find it as pleasing to consume their own brewed cup of coffee. Home appliance makers are quick to spot this growing market segment which explains why we are seeing a wide variety of type of coffee makers in the market. The abundance of options should theoretically bring delight to customers. But with each manufacturer aggressively touting their offering to be the best, you've got to be extra-cautious when picking the best coffee makers. Good coffee maker reviews are therefore important to help you decipher details from marketing gimmicks.

Some of us love coffee due to the steroid-like effect. Some of us love it due to its aroma and taste. To make a cup of coffee, it takes many stages and the careful handling of every stage is what differentiates the good from lousy brew. You have the options to buy a pack of whole coffee bean or a pack of ground coffee powder. Unless you have a coffee grinder at home, ground coffee powder is your only choice. Regardless of how firmly sealed it is, the freshness you obtain out of ground coffee bean is always inferior. Coffee grinder is a worthwhile investment for every coffee lover who is serious about making the ideal brew.

Where you can purchase your coffee maker is dependent upon your shopping preference. For me, brick-and-mortar shopping is just a thing of the past. From groceries to pet foods, from baby necessities to personal grooming, from electronics to home decorations. You will find 3 reasons why online shopping is the greatest way to shop. First, you are not restricted by the shop operating hours and you may do it anytime of the day at your convenience. The liberty to perform a thorough amount of research may be the next reason why I really like web shopping. There are many good coffee maker reviews and I can go through them at my own pace and pick the best coffee maker based my personal preference and judgement. With online shopping, I can seize the prices offered by the major retailers and see which of them is offering the best deal, just by sitting on my sofa and let my finger do the walking. Once I am done, I can review all of the items in my shopping cart and make payment. Coffee machines are large and heavy but the larger capacity models such as 4-cups coffee makers, are even worse. But all these is not a concern in online shopping as I don't have to carry and transport these large items. They will be delivered right to my doorstep.

best pod coffee maker 2014

With a good coffee maker, it will be couple of years down the road before you have to buy a new one. Cheap coffee makers usually are problematic and therefore I would advice against getting them. The way in which most coffee machines extract the coffee flavor and aroma is by using pressure or pump. The most common complain with cheap coffee makers is they'll fail after a few use. It is dependent upon your luck as some of the cheaper coffee makers will continue to work less than 1 / 2 of the time only within couple of months time. Please spend some time to take into account all of the important factors if you would like to choose an excellent coffee maker that does its job well.

In order to make the best cup of coffee, having both a great espresso machine and highest grade beans doesn't give you any 100% assurance. A coffee machine might be good but unless you know how to use it, you will not get the most out-of it. The same can be said of premium quality beans. Different kinds of beans are ideal for different level of coarseness and for that reason next time you grab one of these packs, be it from Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts, be sure you check this out. Some beans are ideal for more coarser setting although some are suitable for finer grinding. Next is you will have to check what kind of grinding or degree of coarseness is supported by the coffee machine that you own. It is only as a whole that these two is going to be able to provide you with the perfect coffee.


The controversies surrounding caffeine consumption won't go away and there will always be new coffee lovers born. There is nothing more satisfying than being able to brew your own cup of coffee even though it means you have to put in more effort. To obtain the most out of your espresso beans, you've to grind them right before brewing and that is why having coffee grinder at home is essential. Coffee machines of reasonable quality don't come cheap but there is no need to break the bank to get the best coffee maker.

A guide written by dummy for dummies: The way to choose the right diving watches

G shock watches are interchangeable to tough wrist watches and they all have the exact same discussions though they're differently exceptional in making and layout. A decade has passed since its first production but no other watch could replace Gshock from the position of king of rugged wrist watches. This is not implying that you have no alternatives available and if you actually want to discover say the best dive watches other than non G-shock, it only takes a little more effort to find them. The chief reason why tough watches other than Gshock are less commonly talked about is because most of the makers do not actually dedicate their brands just for the tough watch market. One might surprise to understand that various options are also accessible even in the case for military watches.

One must be clear of what precisely their individual needs are and what other exceptional components they're going to be looking for in a watch. The first concern for anyone who is thinking of buying a tough watch is unquestionably Casio G-Shock. Some people may consider that the Gshock design is boring or too bulky for them, so they usually select other watch firms creating military wrist watches. Many people make the incorrect assumption that the most rugged watches have be military timepieces and this is something you must keep in mind. It may be tempting to always go for the cheapest choice but if you consider it carefully, the Best Dive Watches under $500 for example, are usually durable enough to last for a long time and once you understand this, I believe you might be willing to spend more for your watches.

Watches have two distinctive and different ends of the spectrum. On one end is fashion watch and on the other is what I called 'actual' watch. Designer labels more often characterize the fashion category of watches. They are appropriate for casual or light everyday uses as they are used as accessories signifying high style. Robust watches are crucial gears for extreme adventure trips and this makes them prone to injuries due to their hardy nature. In the middle of these two extreme ends of watches there exists a group that combines features of the two groups. Hardy watches are the way to go for buyers looking for really tough watches. You're best advised to avoid any particular brand of watch that promises everything but gives little. 

The price of all tough watches actually depends upon the models of your favorite watches. The style of rugged wrist watches along with the tendency does not change quite frequently but it wouldn't stay the same forever. Forking out a premium is the ultimate manner if one desires to buy a tough watch that has both innovative technology and fashionable outlook. But, you can even view some exceptions on this rule. Specific watch makers for example Casio consistently have limited edition collection. For tough wrist watches that are made in small quantity, the price you pay today may be lower than what it can fetch in the foreseeable future. 

Discovering the best watch that can match your personality can be challenging for you, particularly if you do not know how exactly to do it. You also have to have a look at some customer reviews that are accessible on the Internet. For example, if you are interested in Suunto watches, the popular Suunto Ambit watches reviews is where you want to start from. 



How essential are air purifier reviews in aiding one select good air purifiers?

Not every one is convinced about the benefits of utilizing an air cleaner. Just as the nature of air that people breathe in every 2nd by which it is always there-but it is always not visible to us. It is impossible for normal individuals to evaluate the air quality before and after applying the air purifier, unless we use a product that can assess the quality of the air. Thus, in shopping for the best air purifier,, we have to rely a lot on the air purifier ratings reviews written by genuine users who have experienced significant advantage of utilizing an air purifier. 

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While going through air purifier reviews, it is important to take into account there are broadly speaking two kinds of air purifiers. The two categories of air purifiers that you can find in the marketplace are ionizer-based and filter-based air purifier. Certainly, filter-based purifier is the older technology among the two but by simply considering the increasing amount of ionic air purifier reviews, you can tell how popular ionizer-based air purifier among consumers. Although this is the case, superiority of the air cleaners can only be centered on your unique needs. Filter-based models need either cleaning or replacement on regular basis, depending on the sort of filters your purifier is using. Ionizer-based types do not require normal replacement but the plate used to attract the dust has to be cleaned regularly if you'd like your device to work effectively. 

If you read the internet or the local store, you'll discover that many major manufacturers like Holmes, Honeywell, and Oreck are available in the marketplace. According to my past research, I can confidently affirm that the best air purifier that best meets meets your needs, doesn't necessarily be that of the highly recognized brands. This is because different models have been developed differently and different companies have carved their own niches. A look at online Austin air purifier reviews easily revealed that they have among the best HEPA-filter air purifier while Sharp takes its market share by making the best-known ionic air purifiers. Consequently, you must not foolishly stick to specific brands but instead, analyze your needs and features of the air purifier more objectively. 

The first important step that you've to-do when trying to find an air purifier would be to think about precisely the reason you need one. This really is crucial so you do not do a blind comparison across the different air purifiers. For occasion, pet hair could be a nuisance within the air you breathe, so, do some research to the best air purifiers for pets. If you're experiencing asthma and have been recommended by your physician to get an air purifier, then you need the best air purifier for asthma patients. The basic fundamental on what air cleanser works remain the same but it is the component specifications that make the difference. For that reason, if you're clear about this from the beginning, you may save a lot of time. 

With the growing move towards online shopping, it's now very convenient so that you can purchase the most readily useful air purifiers. Online stores open their doors 24-hours per day and there are hundreds of them from which you may make your purchase without leaving the comfort of one's home at all. This is not all. By buying the air purifier on the Internet, you can also take a look at many different air purifier reviews that are available on the Internet and compare all prices offered by different online retailers. It's ideal to search online as you'll have access to many different brands and types at the same time; it's better that the conventional shopping. You can also compare all available products and available on line shop stores on the Net easily without visiting many different stores on your local area that can be very time consuming for you. 

As the conclusion, you need to realize that choosing the best solution with the best air cleaner ratings reviews can be problematic for some people, particularly if they're not clear with their objective. Once you have the list of features that you need and do not, you can merely shortlist the types that meet your criteria and see if they're considered by many reviewers to be among the best air purifiers. That is the simplest way to save lots of more time, as opposed to investing numerous hours and at the end fail to get relevant information about the device. Once you have narrowed down your choices, ensure you're checking the newest types because if you are considering an older model, there is the opportunity that it may have been phased out and you can no longer buy it.

Why discovering the Wireless Myths & Facts is a big deal to me

Now, we are dwelling in a refined world where nearly every device we have can be connected wirelessly. We are at the dawn of a new age, the age referred to as 'The Internet of Things' by many, where the utilization of technology is widespread far and wide. The wirelessly connected devices are a boon to our lives and our daily make controlling various every day tools an easy job. For better or for worse, we are now residing in a wireless world, now since there is no escaping from it I decided to train myself at a few of the myths, superstitions, and disinformation concerning wireless technologies and checked if they have some grain of truth in them.

Almost every house in all the main regions of the world will today have WiFi installed. Most people believe the wireless transmission used for WiFi is exclusive and its performance can just be hindered by other Wi-Fi systems. In fact, Wi-Fi functionality can be seriously affected by other home appliances like the microwave oven along with the normal DECT phone. So, the next time you find your Wi Fi to be unreliable, be sure to check that it's put some distance further away from DECT telephone or your microwave.

A lot of individuals make the wrong assumption that the higher speed always means better with the new Wi Fi routers reaching gigabit speed. They fail to realize that the actual performance depends on their mobile devices connected through the routers. The reason the latest Wi Fi routers can attain such rate is because they are able to support the latest standards that require the utilization of multiple antennas for the transmission. These are not useful if your mobile phones or tablets don't have support for the latest standards. So the next time when you look for a router, the very first thing you need to check is the limitation posed by your apparatus, rather than just choosing a router that is most rapid of all only to wind up in sheer disappointment.

Many people predict the ending of our wired world is coming. This idea does make sense when you find virtually every apparatus being wirelessly able. But if you think about it I consider such doomsday forecast is nowhere as close. Let us take for example the wireless sound streaming that is made possible with the employment of Bluetooth technology. But even if those apparatus has rechargeable batteries in them, in the end they still require the use of a wire to recharge their batteries, they still wanted wires in some form. There are still many reliability problems which should be dealt with before total wire replacement is possible. And hence, I personally do not find such a replacement likely in the foreseeable future.

It is an undeniable truth that our very lives is presently affecting. There are people who've many misconceptions about it. Everything mentioned above is merely my private view although I do not know what the truth is, but I find wireless technology very interesting. I simply wanted to hopefully separate the facts from fictions with this particular easy post. My expertise regarding the matter is limited, and I might be mistaken about various things, so don't hesitate to share your opinions regarding the same in the comments.

Few facts about Weirdest Places on Earth

There are many fascinating things on earth and some of them just don't have any rational explanation to its origin and ending. Many odd areas exist, but the bizarre of them will all surely make you go gaga. Being one of these individuals who always love traveling, adventuring and finding the most abnormal things relating to this planet that we call our house, a while ago I compiled a list of the most bizarre places to have been discovered on the planet. I haven't been to an enormous amount of them though I've added them to my list and I'll without a doubt see them in case I get an opportunity. Here's the list I've compiled, I hope it encourages more to travel and enjoy some unbelievable things the world has to find.

Living in the times of technology and modern science, comparatively few individuals believe in superstition and conversing with all the deceased. Lily Dale must be the spookiest place on earth. Created with the only motivation of advancing spiritualism, this town was incorporated in 1879. But if the thought of speaking to undetectable or the unseen doesn't scare you and you are searching for something to fill your soul that is beyond substance worth, this may be an ideal spot for you. Induction classes are conducted all-year round with the likes of Wayne Dyer and Deepak Chopra being some of the most notable guest lecturers there.

Most of us understand that a desert is not the most comfortable living environment to dwell in due to high temperatures and extreme dryness. My recent discovery of an underground city that's situated at the center of the desert is some thing that amazed me. Situated approximately under a thousand kilometers to the north of Adelaide, this underground city is named Coober Pedy. The city was created as people find it more comfortable and simple to live underground, as opposed to above the earth. Said to be the largest opal mining place on earth, this underground city is complete with all the vital amenities ranging from church to a 4-star luxury hotel.

One color that seems to be many people's favorite is blue and one conceivable explanation could be that according to the color theory, looking at blue color gives peace and firmness. When mentioning weird places on our continent, it is not easy to omit the blue town of Morocco found in the northern area of Africa. Set against the spectacular backdrop of lovely mountains, everything in this city was painted in blue hue. This weird town is particularly popular with tourists as finding decent accomodation that is affordable is extremely easy. Simply picture what it has to be like to walk on any street and see just blue buildings and structures everywhere. I definitely look forward to the day when I'll get the opportunity to experience it myself.

Varosha is a city in Cyprus that's turned into a ghost town. Varosha used to be very popular among toursists but it is no longer the bustling city it used to be. It was the 1974 Turkish invasion that drove away all the inhabitants of the town. Even following the invasion was over, no one ever came back to this area and it was left completely frozen in time ever since then. It is easy to believe actions are bustling within this city simply like it was back in the early 1970s before invasion except that no one lives there anymore when viewed from afar. Just the idea of a place like that existing in the entire world gives me thrills.




This is simply a minor list of the most peculiar areas existing on this particular planet. While these areas are all reachable, they're discovering how creative societies can get and your head might only open to a different view of our planet and past the imagination of many. In spite of the fact that a number of these places that are peculiar seem quite frightening to me, I nevertheless want to see with them. Although it is said that a picture speaks a thousand words, what you feel unless you really step into these places and encounter cannot be achieved. I am sure more and more strange areas will probably be discovered and I will attempt to keep this list updated.

The secret pertaining to the Disruptive Innovation

One of the quotations that are generally cited by lots of people is the one which says that in the planet, change is the only continuous. This is especially true with regards to technology and how disruptive technologies are transforming how we live our own lives now. I have collated a list of some, an entire one would be exhausting, of the technologies and businesses whom I think has deeply affected my life. All of these have actually altered my life and also the way I go about things now. A couple of them made material possible where they were not before, while a couple of them lead to better productivity. Lets carry on, trusting that you love having a look at these brainstorming inventions.

Using technology as a means of making payments is rapidly growing, and Apple Pay is one of the latest technologies for this particular goal. For several years now, I've always selected I got an opportunity to go cashless. Swiping at my credit card was my primary way of payment until Apple Pay came along and made it even less difficult to make payments. I am probably one of the very first Apple Pay users and I must say, I have been a supporter of it since day one. You may think there are barely any differences with this particular technology when compared to using payment modes that are similar, but after you've tried it out, you will be patiently waiting for the day when Apple Pay is accepted everywhere.




Companies and many industries have changed and opened, as well as the taxi sector will probably be the next one that will be revolutionized by this tech. One startup that is attempting to do this is GetTaxi. Following its footsteps, many new startups have emerged, including UberTaxi and the likes of GrabTaxi. Programs that match motorists to passengers in a painless and fast means using the GPS device built in the phones were made by these startups. One of many advanced characteristics exhibited by such programs is the dynamic pricing model, which lets the taxi speed to be fixed itself on the basis of the present market demand and supply scenario. Now folks that may drive a few hours a day and have a car can sign up on those services as a driver and earn extra money.

With more and more individuals using and familiarizing with smartphones, Internet traffic is on its peak and the data rates are going down. The era of SMSing (Short Messaging System) has been absolutely smashed down with the advent of Whatsapp and other messaging systems that were similar. Now, SMS has been disrupted by Whatsapp, from the simple reason that Whatsapp convey better and more effectively and enables its users to text. Beginning a group is painless, and with one click you can now air or text a message to an entire group readily. Before Whatsapp, that's considered a herculean undertaking if not outright impossible. The revolution brought on by Whatsapp resulted in its business valuation propelling to $20 billion, and was eventually acquired by Facebook in 2014.

I'm not particularly knowledgeable about technology but i try to stay informed of the most recent technologies to be able to remain important. Every day you'll locate initiation or a new technology created. And I can't see this bullet-quick train of innovation coming to a halt. More tumultuous innovations will consistently be introduced into the whole world, and industries will continue to be revolutionized. In case you have anything to say about the technology inventions mentioned above or found new ones that you would like to share with others, please do leave a comment below.